Sheridan Douglas Tarot, (original vintage 1972, Mandragora Press) (Rare, OOP, Preloved))

Sheridan Douglas

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Kyseessä kovin harvinainen ja yhtä korttia lukuunottamatta hyväkuntoinen pakka. Eikä tuo yksi korttikaan ihan toivottomassa kunnossa ole. Rasiaa tai ohjevihkosta ei ole. Tässä aitoa vintagea ja keräilypakka lähes viidenkymmenen vuoden takaa.
Original Vintage Sheridan Douglas Tarot Cards
by Mandragora Press 1972

78 Cards - complete. 
Cards are in used but overall good vintage condition with one exception: 1 card, Ace of Cups, is a bit creased: see last 2 photos.
There is slight yellowing to the cards, some darkening and discoloration due to old age.
The edges around the card backs show that the color has worn off a bit, which is normal for dark card backs.
These cards feel wonderful in the hands and shuffle great. 
These have been used for many readings over decades and are ready for a few more decades of service.
This original deck is very hard to find!

Card Size: 4 5/8" x 2 5/8" Inches.

The imagery in David Sheridan's popular 1972 tarot appears to have been inspired by, but yet not dependent upon, the symbols and illustrations of Waite and Smith's work. 
The colors are vibrant and alive, and set inside a cream-colored border.

For more information on this fascinating deck see Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot vol. I, p. 276.

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