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Shinpi no Tarot Uranai - Chie Erina (Japan)(vintage)(OOP, preloved)

Chie Erina

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Harvinainen Japani vintage 
Boksissa, kirjassa ja korteissa normaalia ajan patinaa. Kuvat kertovat totuuden.

Used! Shinpi no Tarot Uranai by Chie Erina (Out of Print) 


This is a set of Tarot deck and a booklet in a box by Chie Erina Japan. This is based on RWS deck but included flower language on each card. Each flower has different meanings so you can read the cards along with flower languages. All 22 Majors are included. The cards are nicely coated in both sides. he backing is reversible. The instruction book is all written in Japanese. 

It’s one from my Japanese tarot collections. Ask me if you have any questions.

Condition: Used 

The cards are used and it shows sign of use. No missing cards. I think it’s semi-gloss card stock and coated in both sides. Beautiful backing design. The instruction book has no missing pages or creases, but the yellow cover has some damage on top. The outside of the case (sleeve) seems to be in good condition but there are many age spots inside of the case from a previous owner. Please check the 10th pic! The case condition reflected in price.

This item is a vintage and sold as is. Please make sure to ask any questions before purchasing.

Outer Case Size: Approx. 7.5”H  x 5.25”W  x 1”D

Card Size: Approx. 5”H x 2.75”W

Illustrated by Aoki

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