Vintage Secret of Tarot Card Deck, Fortune telling cards - Alexandria Mokuseioh, Jupiter King (Japan)(vintage 1989)(OOP, preloved)

Alexandria Mokuseioh, Jupiter King

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Harvinainen Japani vintage vuodelta 1989
Boksissa, kirjassa ja korteissa normaalia ajan patinaa. Kuvat kertovat totuuden.

This is a set of Tarot decks and a book came in a golden box by Alexandria Mokuseioh

Japan. Mokuseioh means literally Jupiter King in Japanese. 78+2 blank cards are included. The cards are matte and the quality is really good. Very unique 70~80s style of illustrations! 

The instruction book is written in Japanese. It’s a rare item even in Japan! It’s the one from my Japanese Tarot collections.

Condition: Used 

This is used item. Only major arcana has been used but still in great condition. Minor arcana is like new in mint condition. The front cover of the book has a wrinkle and the last a couple of pages have some damage (please check the 9th pic). The golden outer case and card case show signs of some shelf wears and age. 

This item is a vintage and sold as is. Please make sure to ask any questions before purchasing.

Outer Case Size: Approx. 7.5”H x 5”W x 1”D

Card Size: Approx. 4.25”H x 2.75”W


Illustrated by Hiroaki Kitagawa

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