The Gentle Tarot: Heal Yourself Heal the Earth (1st.edition second printing) - Mari in the Sky (Indie)

Mari in the Sky

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This is a second printing of the First Edition, not a Second Edition. Please do not purchase this if you already have a full-size First Edition as the card art, 350 gsm cardstock, matte gold gilding, and anti-scratch matte finish is exactly the same as the first printing. The only difference is that the booklet and box now match the card size (no tray inside). This deck has the original Lovers card. If you would like the gender-neutral Lovers card for your first edition deck, it is available separately here.

The Second Edition is scheduled to Kickstart in 2023 with additions to the art, changes in the borders, and a new box and booklet design. It will also include all three Lovers cards options.

This second printing of the First Edition will debut with a box and booklet size that match the size of the cards (the most common way that tarot deck sets are printed). I am very excited to reduce the amount of paper resources used. I've attached a visual so you can get an idea of the new box size. The new booklet will have half the number of pages as the original booklet and not include card art. The "Stay Wild Dear Heart" illustration that was originally printed on the tray insert inside of the box will be printed directly onto the inside of the box.


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