Pink Pain Tarot - Dark Synevyr (indie/import)

Dark Synevyr

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One of the main intention to create PinkPain Tarot was to build a bridge between classical tarot symbolism and the visual language of millennials to show the mutual root that hides behind any idea of “ancient” and “modern”, “old” and “young”, “traditional” and “cutting edge”. Interpreting underground culture of the youth and mainstream mythology, we blended elements of those domains in order to represent inheritance of the occult archetypes that cover themselves with the chameleonic mask. Developing the old idea of ancient mystics, we look at it as at the approach to enter the Consciousness of the Generation and be pulled in the circle of the permanent rejuvenation.

Warning : some cards contain depiction of severed limbs, open wounds, self harm.

Standard Size 120 x 65 mm/4.75x2.75 inches | Rounded corners | Tuck Box | Printed booklet | Fabric Cut | Guidebook: English Year: 1st edition 2021. Set included: Cards - Major and Minor Arcana, Booklet in English, Tuck Box.

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