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Magickal Roots A4 55-Page Desk Planner Diary Organiser - goth.I.C

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Magickal spell themed desk planner, approx A4 in size, with 55 tear-away pages and board backing. The planner is undated, so can be stocked and sold year-round. The design features a ruled section for each day of the week (including weekends), 3 tracker slots, a note box, to-do box, dot grid box, priority box and a look-ahead box. The motif features decorative icons and patterns of a magic wand, a cauldron, a witch hat, a ouija planchette and a familiar cat! With over a year of use, it's a perfect organiser for work from home, small businesses, corporate goths or just busy people! For those who love spooky, Halloween vibes all year-round.

Size: 29x20cm

Pages: 55 page


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