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Chakra Arcana Tarot - Carol Herzer (Preloved/Käytetty)

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Chakra Arcana is a combination of chakra and tarot images. Each chakra pair is linked in logical order to the tarot major arcana, giving new depth of insight into the underlying energies of the tarot archetypes. Full of light and life, these images will inspire you and add depth to your readings. Decks are 29 cards and include a pouch.

29 cards = The 21 chakra pairs paintings with  tarot major arcana figures from the Illuminated Tarot. Decks include cards of the 7 individual chakras, plus one image with all chakras together (these are the 8 Chakra Energy Cards).

Large size: 3 1/2" X 5 3/8" (9 X 13.5 cm)

The booklet with more information about the deck is now available here, online. Click on the link above, it is given both as HTML and PDF with easy access to read it and you may print it out if you like.

How To Do Readings With The Chakra Decks: see below

A review of this deck is available on the web at Aeclectic Tarot . 

Click here to access a free e-book by Dirk Gillabel: Chakras, A Guide to Understanding Your Power. This is different than the booklet created by Carol explaining the deck.

How To Do Readings With The Chakra Decks

There are many possible ways to use the Chakra decks. Basically I use it as a supplementary deck to readings with a full size tarot deck and a main spread with that. I always begin my readings with the chakras. they give a clear focus and direction to the reading immediately, and can stand as a constant reference as the rest of the reading progresses.
First lay down the 7 individual chakras face down. Choose one card with the left hand and one card with the right. Turn them over, these two cards add up to being one of the 21 chakras pairs, and are equivalent to a tarot major arcana. For example root chakra on the left and sex chakra on the right (or the other way around) is the Magician. You get information from all three cards. The chakra on the left can be interpreted as needing attention, weaker, and the one on the right is the strong energy, or perhaps the energy that will work to balance or heal the other chakra card. I give sample readings for all of the combinations in the booklets I give with the decks.
This can stand as the key energy for your reading, or you can go on further with the chakras, picking one more from the 7, put it above the first three. then you get two more majors, by adding this third one to each of the first two. So it you got the power chakra as the third card you now get the High Priestess on the left and the Empress on the right. They give you more information as to the basic polarity laid out at the beginning. A full Chakra Tree can be built up by continuing, next time it again is two of the 7, with more majors to go one step deeper.
Another way to use the deck is a simple addition to each major arcana card that comes up in your regular spread with your tarot. So if the High Priestess comes up in a reading you then go get her out of your chakra deck and put her beside the High Priestess, she gives further information about the energies in the reading based on chakras. It can be quite interesting to see which chakras repeat in a reading, depending on which majors come up.
If you only want the cards of the 7 individual chakras go here.


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