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111 Oracle Spreads for Every Day: Enhance Your Readings, Spark Your Intuition, & Deepen Your Connection with Any Card Deck - Krystal Banner

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This first-of-its-kind book of 111 oracle card spreads is separated into common topics—general, love, career, spiritual, and astrology—and offers readers creative, magical ways to work with their intuition and their favorite oracle deck to find guidance and inner wisdom. Practical, insightful, and magic-infused spreads for oracle card deck readers at any point in their journey with divination: from seasoned pros to newbie readers learning to read using their first deck. The book is not connected to a particular deck, but like books of tarot spreads, it is something any oracle reader can use: from the seeker who has just purchased their first deck to someone who has a collection of decks piled up to their ceiling.

Some examples include: the Attraction Spread, which helps the reader sort through what energies they are attracting both consciously and subconsciously; the Spirit Guide Spread, which calls in messages from the reader's guides; and the Mercury Retrograde Spread, which encourages the reader to reflect on the challenges and opportunities in this unsettled period.


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