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Obsidiaani ja ruusukvartsi rannekoru

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All natural and hand polished tumbled Black Obsidian with Rose Quartz crystals (8mm) tied individually to make this absolutely stunning bracelet!

Rose quartz is a light pink, typically translucent variety of quartz. Rose quartz is regarded as the love stone. It is very powerful at getting rid of anger and opens the heart to love and compassion. Those looking to unblock their heart chakra may find this crystal extremely useful. Rose quartz can help boost one’s self confidence, deepen their personal relationships, and help connect them to the goddess energy. Black Obsidian, or volcanic glass, is a very shiny stone with a glass like appearance. This stone is connected to our solar plexus chakra. Obsidian can help those experiencing digestive problems. As well as helping aid in deep tissue healing. Similar to Hematite, Obsidian is an amazing protective stone. Obsidian has the power to keep its users safe from all danger and negative energy.


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