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Eastern Forest Playing Cards - Art of Play

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Shuffle the deck and deal a miniature ecosystem. What links the lives of the creatures in your hand? What connections – seen and unseen – do you have to these sylvan beings? Feel, look, listen, and smell: seek out the forest.

Turn on your senses and explore the forest! Every suit is a sense. 

 are invitations to touch and feel through your skin: textures of plants, heat of animal bodies, and springiness of wood. 

 awaken eyes to flash of firefly, gleam of wildflower, and patterns on leaves.

 open ears to the forest’s many howls, songs, footfalls, and tree rustles. 

 call us to taste and smell yummy fruit and bitter leaf.

Text by David G. Haskell with illustrations by Ellen Litwiller. Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. on FSC® certified Paper. Packaged in a beautiful foil-stamped tuck box.


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