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Ether Tarot - Anna Vereshchaka (indie / import)

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Ether Tarot Deck by Darksynevyr Publishing, Art by Anna Vereshchaka

Explore the ethereal realms with the "Ether Tarot" deck, published by Darksynevyr and beautifully illustrated by Anna Vereshchaka. This standard-sized tarot deck measures 120 x 65 mm (4.75 x 2.75 inches) and is designed with rounded corners for ease of handling and a graceful aesthetic.

Housed in a neatly designed tuck box, the "Ether Tarot" includes both the Major and Minor Arcana, complete with a printed booklet in English. This guidebook provides insightful interpretations and guidance, making the deck suitable for both beginners and experienced tarot readers.

The second edition, released in 2021, also features a unique fabric cut, adding a tactile and luxurious element to your tarot experience. Each card’s artwork captivates with its mystical and serene imagery, inviting users to connect deeply with the spiritual messages conveyed.

Whether you're conducting a reading to uncover hidden truths or using the deck as a tool for daily reflection, the "Ether Tarot" offers a profound connection to the mystical energies of the universe. Ideal for collectors and spiritual seekers alike, this deck is a must-have for those who appreciate the fusion of art and intuition.


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