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4 Worlds Tarot- Dark Synevyr (indie/import)

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4 Worlds Tarot by Dark Synevyr is a Tarot card set that seems to offer a unique and immersive experience for enthusiasts and collectors. Here are some notable features:

Quality and Material: The cards are made from linen cardboard, which is known for its durability and premium feel. This choice of material suggests a high-quality product that is designed to last.

Size and Design: The cards are of standard size, measuring 120 x 65 mm (approximately 4.75 x 2.75 inches). This size is typical for tarot cards, making them easy to handle and shuffle. The rounded corners add a nice touch, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and making the cards more comfortable to use.

Packaging and Extras: The set includes a tuck box for storing the cards, ensuring they are kept in good condition when not in use. The printed booklet, likely containing interpretations and instructions, is a valuable addition for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. The fact that it's printed in English makes it accessible to a broad audience.

Guidebook and Language: The inclusion of a guidebook in English is particularly helpful, as it provides guidance and context for the cards. This is especially beneficial for those new to tarot reading or for those who are not familiar with the "Dark Synevyr" theme.

Edition and Content: Being a first edition from 2021, this set could be of interest to collectors. It includes both Major and Minor Arcana, which is standard in tarot decks, allowing for a full range of readings and interpretations.

Manufacturing Origin: Made in Ukraine, this aspect might add a unique cultural touch to the artwork and interpretation of the cards, differentiating it from other decks made in different parts of the world.

Physical Dimensions and Weight: The set's dimensions (12cm x 7cm x 3cm) and weight (0.375 lb) make it portable and easy to carry around, convenient for those who like to travel with their tarot cards.

Overall, the "4 Worlds Tarot- Dark Synevyr" set appears to be a well-made, thoughtfully designed tarot card set, suitable for both tarot enthusiasts and collectors. The Ukrainian origin and unique theme might add an exotic and intriguing element to tarot readings.



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