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Magic : A Life In More Worlds Than One – D.J. Conway

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The tell-all autobiography of David Conway, author of Magic: An Occult Primer and one of the most influential figures in contemporary occultism.

David Conway, author of Magic: An Occult Primer is by now famous for his writings on the paranormal, his prose leavened with humour and imbued with good sense, qualities that have endeared him to believers and sceptics alike. In this fascinating autobiography he recounts the story of his life with candour and an infectious sense of fun. It begins in the Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth where, as a boy, he got to know the enigmatic Mr. James, farmer and reputed magician, then takes us farther afield to the grown-up world of London and beyond. For David Conway, farther afield was never far enough for he ventured also into worlds beyond the one we normally inhabit, worlds no less real for being imperceptible yet of which our world and ourselves are essentially part. Magic is the key to this mysterious reality. And this remarkable book will show the reader how to find it.


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