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Magic Days: Unlock your daily magic with the power of astrology, rituals and journalling for spiritual self-care - Jane Nadine

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Read one page a day to transform your life.

What if self-care, self-empowerment and self-understanding started with a single page? Astrology, numerology, and tarot are rituals with ancient roots that are observed around the world for their ability to help us reconnect with your inner self and feel the magic around - and within - ourselves. With many practices to draw from, astrology guru Nadine Jane has combined the essence of the most popular forms of divination in one single volume.

Magic Days is your go-to 'spiritual almanac'. It guides each star sign through the astrological year and offers insight into how the stars are shaping your destiny. Each page is laid out with everything you need to know and includes mantras, rituals and journal prompts to help you reflect on the day's wisdom and channel the energy you need to thrive.

The book charts your year and offers guidance on what your relationships and spiritual journey have in store. Whether you're dipping your toes into spiritual waters for the first time, are a devoted reader of your daily horoscope or just secretly wants to know what the future may have in store for you,
Magic Days is the perfect guide to year-round spiritual wellbeing.


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