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Tie auki - Open Road Yrttiöljy 10 ml 100% Pure Loitsuöljy

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Open Road Herbal Essential Oil Blend Road Opener Oil is used to break blocks that are standing in your way to opportunities and growth. A herbal oil blend specifically handcrafted to help open doors, paths, and roads to success, happiness, peace, and more !

EXCELLENT to use after an uncrossing ritual or a protection ritual. Try using WITH prosperity or success rituals to help increase the power. Usage: Anoint (rub on) candles, amulets, jewelry, crystals, rocks, altar tools, and MORE to help bring the intended effects! It can be used in association with candles, talismans and amulets, puppets, or simply to act on the aura of the magician.

Order includes 10 mL bottle of therapeutic-grade essential oil made with a blend of natural extracts to help you unwind and relax. Can also be used on hair or skin, as well as in candles and soaps.


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