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Organic Hari Tea Lightness honeybush, cinnamon & rosemary 10kpl

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Honeybush, Cinnamon and Rosemary are deliciously gentle herbs. This is a good tea to drink after a delicious meal.

Hari Tea herbal and spice infusions are made from premium quality, 100% certified organic ingredients and come in a recyclable packaging.

Product specifications
Contains 10 one cup tea bags
Organic certified herbal and spice tea infusion
Premium quality loose tea leaves, herbs, flowers and spices
Blended in accordance with Ayurveda
Compostable cotton tea bags, wrapped in a biodegradable bag
FSC-certified recyclable cardboard box, no glue or staples
Printed using vegetable ink
Information on packaging in English, Dutch, German, French and Italian

Cinnamon* (15%), honeybush* (15%), rosemary* (15%), fennel*, coriander*, ginger*, anise*, cardamom*, black pepper*, blackberry leaves*, star anise*, lemon grass*, jasmine green tea* (2%), turmeric root*, rose petals*, cloves*, bay leaf*. *

Hari Tea – Bring the temple home
Through the centuries, masters, healers and people of consciousness have sought ways to benefit the rest of us, utilising elemental knowledge of how things work. Among other great contributions, these masters were able to enhance the qualities of plants – herbs and spices.

Hari Tea, crafted by people with knowledge and passion, uses these same precise techniques to bring you an original and delicious approach for a new dimension of tea. You can experience the delicious, undistracted silence of the present moment with our unique beverage filled with divine treasures of antiquity. It is no longer necessary to live in a temple or a cave for decades. Now, you can bring the temple home.

Organic and Ayurvedic Infusions
Delicious, sophisticated and startling combinations of herbs and spices nestled in cotton tea bags where the loose tea mixtures can relax completely and release their full flavors.


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