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Tarot Oscuro: English, Spanish & French Edition

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Tarot Oscuro is a boxed set of 78 Tarot cards with accompanying book describing how to interpret the cards.

This is a top quality set housed in an attractive gold embossed box. The full color cards have been designed by hand by the French artist Estelle Riviere. The 172 page book is written by Maria Moraru who is currently in her homeland of Romania having spent many years in the USA and UK.

The book supplied with this version of
Tarot Oscuro is in English, Spanish and French.
Tarot Oscuro is an original art tarot deck created to reveal the shadow self, unique in creative delivery and deep psychological insight. Often playful, sexual, monstrous, Tarot Oscuro unveils the mysteries of the unconscious mind.

The artwork features fantastic creatures and costumes drawn by Estelle Riviere who is known as Monsterlune. Each card delves into the darker subconscious mind and provides the user with a way of dealing with the primordial desires and impulses that seek to control us.

A separate edition of
Tarot Oscuro is available in German, Italian and Portuguese.


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