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Tarot: The Step-by-Step Guide with Images for Interpreting the Symbology and Allegories. Bonus: 12 Reading Techniques - Eleanore Alaiya

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Let me guess:

  • You are tired of always making the wrong decisions.
  • You are afraid of making choices that could jeopardize your future
  • Or you feel lost as if you are wandering in the middle of nowhere

I'm sure you've been in one of these situations at least once in your life, and you wished you knew what to do to get on the right path
You felt you needed to get some signals that could somehow remove all sorts of doubts. "That would be too good," you must have thought to yourself.

What if I told you instead that there is a way to face the future with greater awareness?

If you are here, it is because you have no doubt heard of the mysterious and fascinating Tarot: these are very powerful and valuable advisors that open doors to the future.

I know, many people are skeptical about it, even see fortune telling as something negative (like black magic, for example). I've heard all kinds of things. But I will tell you:
these people have a limited outlook on life and often impute their disdain toward tarot cards out of fear of interpreting their future.

Don't let this influence you! Now you can stop groping in the dark. With "Tarot," by Eleanore Alaiya, you'll finally have that support you've been looking for: a step-by-step Guide with pictures to interpret the symbolism and allegories behind the Major and Minor Arcana.

Here is a preview of what you will find inside this Book:

  • How Tarot Cards Work When Reading for Others. You'll discover the basic rules for reading tarot cards without memorizing their meanings.
  • Detailed guidance on all types of decks to date (Rider-Waite tarot, Rider-Waite-Smith, Hanson-Roberts, Morgan-Greer, etc.).
  • Detailed description, symbolism and allegories of all major and minor arcana, with high-resolution images to make reading more usable.
  • The mysterious correlation between esotericism and tarot. We will finally provide a definitive answer about the end of the missing cards in the Visconti deck.
  • 12 advanced tips of good card reading and interpretation.

If you want to know in advance which direction to go, have more clarity about your future and finally end making the wrong decisions, this guide will be like your guardian angel during your life journey.

Get all your questions answered NOW!


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