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The Christian Satanic Book : An Introduction To Christian Satanism - Lucifer Jeremy White

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This book is an introduction to the gray sided religion of Christian Satanism. It is a compact book, free, and in the public domain. It was designed to explain Christian Satanism to those who know nothing about it. It is a small book so it can easily be reproduced and shared. It goes beyond an introduction however in order to give a Christian Satanist a good start. It is a religion of morality and spirituality and not one "diabolical" in some weird way. It is more for the spiritual kind of Satanist than it is for the atheistic kind- and yes, there are some Satanists who are atheists, but this book covers Satanism in a more traditional way. It is Satanism refined with Christianity and the other way around. While the world should have been asking where the gray side was a long time ago, we are here.


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