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The Meraki Tarot 3rd edition - BouchetteDesign

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The Meraki Tarot is created from my passion for Tarot since I discovered it, at about 15 years old. Since I was young, I have been drawn to the magical, mystical and spiritual world around us, and throughout my life, has acted as a guiding force within me. Tarot was one divination tool that was a natural instinct to learn, and my first deck was Thoth by Aleister Crowley, which I still have and use today! I am continually drawn to the artistic expression and invoking imagery of tarot decks from the past and present, and I now have the joy and honor to create and share a uniquely designed Tarot deck with you!


The Meraki Tarot is inspired by the magic of nature and animals and is a whimsical look at the world around us. The deck speaks to the passion and playful nature we all have innately within us. I am very excited to bring a workbook to the Meraki family of products as a fabulous tool to our divination journey! The Meraki Workbook for Tarot & Crystal Work is a wonderful extension to The Meraki Tarot that gives space explore, learn, and to dive deeper into the card meanings and how they resonate with us and our practices.

This deck has been illustrated by hand in a digital environment, utilizing the various artistic techniques utilizing today’s software and hardware. The initial inspiration for The Meraki Tarot was to create illustrations that shape a unique and playful world inspired by nature and supports the Rider-Waite Smith tarot system. With a deck that could be used by everyone of all ages, I worked to design each image to not only represent the foundation of that card’s intrinsic meanings, but to also draw us into the graphic messages the cards have to offer. The colors are balanced and full of life, facilitating an intuitive journey. Each card laid out next to one another in any standard or personal configuration tells a beautiful and vibrant story that expand imagination and extract new meaning and ways of approaching all life situations.

I have also infused my love of working with crystals into every card of the deck. Within the Meraki Workbook for Tarot & Crystal Work, each card will have a crystal association that resonates with the card. Though I started my tarot journey using the Thoth methodology, I love the layout and rhythm of the Ryder-Waite Smith (RWS) decks. I have based The Meraki Tarot on the RWS format and added The Meraki card to the major arcana along with informational cards for reference. My hope is that The Meraki Tarot becomes a deck that brings joy, imagination, and empowerment to you and your life’s journey. This adventure through magical lands is for you!

The Meraki Tarot 3rd Edition Reimagined!

  • All fonts will be updated to a modern and cleaner font to be clearer for everyone of all ages to read.

  • As I went through each card of the deck, I have made some illustrative refinements.

  • The two-piece box has been redesigned for this edition.

  • The painted edges will remain the same green to keep the same connection to the workbook which also has the vibrant green painted edges.

  • A PDF of the Meraki Guided Workbook for Tarot will be available separately as a digital download.


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