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The Revolving Time Oracle - Auralogick (Kickstarter 2022)

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I'm Aura, and this is my first Kickstarter project.

Let me introduce this deck: The Revolving Time Oracle- Created based on the concept of time and the tarot.

The deck consists of:

  • 50 Fully Illustrated Oracle cards
  • Comes with deck and guidebook in a box
  • Based on 22 major arcana cards , 16 court cards and 12 divinatory cards structured in my own revolving system.


With technology easily updating us about the world around us and information readily available at our fingertips, we are constantly exposed to the lives of others. This could leave some of us feeling that we are less successful than our peers, a sense that we have not reached a benchmark, or just a little lost about our purpose in life.

Through my own spiritual journey, my biggest learning point is that is that time does not simply mean the hours in a day or our age, it is not only measured chronologically, but also measured by our rich life experiences. I wanted to show the different dimensions of time through its depth and space in this deck.

I have always been seeking for a deck to give me clear and direct answers, to answer timing based questions and a deck for affirmation. I wanted a deck that is multi faceted, flexible and to add more layers and depth to my readings, so I decided to create one myself and I hope you love it as much as I do!

This deck can help you out if...

  • .. you are interested to broaden your knowledge of synchronicities between different divination systems (astrology, tarot, oracle, elements)
  • .. you have trouble making decisions
  • ..you seek direct answers to your questions
  • ..you want a deck that can give you more depth to your readings

This deck is created to be a companion for both readers and non-readers alike, to help those in search of clear answers and to help each person to explore themselves even further with the concept of life and time itself. I hope that this deck can help to ground and comfort anyone that is wondering if they are on the right path in life.


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