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The Song of Gaia oracle - Spiritbird Creative Studio (Finnish indie)

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Suomalainen (vaan ei kuitenkaan suomenkielellä) Song of Gaia on raikas tuulahdus pehmeitä pastellisia värejä ja innoittavia kuvituksia.

This deck is a homage to Gaia and the beings that inhabit it. It is a guide to the journey of awakening and to navigating the complexity of the human experience in the times we live in. It is a portal and a powerful transmission, packed with wisdom and codes sourced from deep within the Gaian consciousness. The deck offers inspiring, empowering, and healing guidance for the path of embodying our highest potentials. The colorful images are filled with soul-activating codes and the guidebook is a comprehensive deep dive into the world of soul journeying.


magic, cosmic, universe, colorful, dreamy, sunset, rainbow, nature, human, animal, flower, planet Earth



connecting and co-creating with Mother Gaia, finding an unwavering connection to our own hearts and inner truths, healing, spiritual expansion, awakening to our true selves, exploring our highest potentials, breaking free from old paradigms, and creating our deepest heart desires into being


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