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Zodiac Canvas Boho Bag kassi

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Stay connected with your sign every time you use this Zodiac Boho Bag. Displays an image of the 12 Zodiac signs with the sun and moon in the center. This heavy canvas bag is fully lined and includes an inside pocket and a tie closure. Ethically made in Nepal, hand screen printed in the USA.

100% heavy cotton canvas.

15 x 5 x 16 inches with a 40.5 inch strap.

Soul Flower was founded in 1999 as a way to promote a peaceful, positive, and eco-friendly lifestyle through funky clothing. Since then, the shop has expanded from a small boutique to a full-fledged online store, offering our buds even more eco-goodness and Minnesota-made clothing to choose from. We’ve come a long way since those beginning days, but our dedication to offering our customers thoughtful, environmentally friendly clothing styles hasn’t changed. We focus on USA made clothing, eco-friendly clothing, hemp clothing, organic clothing, hippie clothing, boho gifts, and unique artwork with positive messages. Shop Soulflower to find Hippie Stickers, Funky Boho Headbands, organic cotton canvas tote bags, organic t-shirts, and more!


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