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Äänirauta 528HZ DNA 9,4cm

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Unweighted tuning fork, tuned to 528 Hz in the Mi tone. This is the 6th note of the Solfeggio sequence. It creates a vibration that supports DNA repair and is a very effective tool to enhance overall wellness.

Comes in a blue velvet pouch.

528 Hz – the DNA repair frequency
Evidence suggests that the frequency of 528 Hz has the potential to positively affect water clusters at the cellular level, causing the removal of impurities and thus prevent illness and disease.
When we talk about the benefits of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, we often mention their spiritual, psychological, and other non-material effects. But some tones, most notably 528 Hz, also have a profound physical and biological significance. In fact, 528 Hz has earned a reputation for its ability to reach and repair the very physiological building blocks of our being, namely our cells and DNA. Dr. Leonard Horowitz played a crucial role in spreading the word on this “miracle” tone.

How 528 Hz affects water molecules & DNA
Water clustered in the form of a six-sided or hexagonal shape, is specifically important to the structure and health of our DNA. These clusters are smaller and better able to move through DNA’s membrane than normal water molecules, which makes them more efficient at removing impurities. These same impurities, if not cleansed, can contribute to illness and even result in disease.
The 528 Hz frequency actually helps form these six-sided water clusters, as shown by the work of Dr. Lee Lorenzen. He discovered the healing properties of these clustered water cells. This makes sense when we consider the law of vibration, which states that all matter and molecules are constantly moving and vibrating. As biochemist Steve Chemiski, who was quoted in David Hulse’s book “A fork In the road, has pointed out: the six-sided water clusters vibrate at exactly 528 Hz per second, thus supporting the DNA’s double helix.
When we expose normal water to 528 Hz, it begins to vibrate in synchronicity and thus form the six-sided crystal-shaped, energized water clusters that create DNA’s protective matrix. Though this effect is indirect, it’s the most notable example of 528 Hz’s potential to heal our DNA.
Consider that the human body is composed of approximately 70% water, and at the cellular level it nears 90%. If this frequency can positively affect cellular water clusters, then it has the potential to contribute to removing impurities from the cells in your body, to create a healthier cellular environment capable of fighting off pollution and disease.

The 9 standard Solfeggio frequencies
Original 6 notes:
- Ut=396 Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis), for liberating guilt and fear
- Re=417 Hz (=3) (Resonare fibris), for Facilitating Change & Support
- Mi=528 Hz (=6) (Mira gestorum), for Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair
- Fa=639 Hz (=9) (Famuli tuorum), for Connecting & Relationships
- Sol=741 Hz (=3) (Solve polluti), for Awakening Intuition
- La=852 Hz (=6) (Labii reatum), for Returning to Spirit

Missing 3 notes:
174 Hz (=3)
285 Hz (=6)
963 Hz (=9)

These forks work more on the physical level.
One can feel the vibration more strongly & at a deeper level, when its stem is placed on the body. This is due to the weights at the end of each prong.
The sound lasts longer, but is softer & more diffused.
They are heavier in weight.
They are shorter in length than the same fork in unweighted type.
These are excellent to use for pain relief, reducing inflammation and inducing relaxation.
They are normally placed on the body or by the ears.
To tone them, one can simply tap them on the palm of the hand or use the Tuning Fork Activator.
The weighted tuning fork has round weight at the end of each prong.

These forks work more delicately, on a subtle level.
They move in a physically lesser motion. The feeling of the vibration is more subtle, when its stem is placed on the body.
The sound does not last as long, but is sharper & more crystallised.
They are lighter in weight.
They are longer in length than the same fork in weighted type
These are excellent to use for mental and emotional balance, improving the energy field, improving physical health and promoting spiritual uplifting, helping to create inner harmony and wholeness.
These forks are placed around the body or by the ears.
To tone them, one could gently tap two forks together or strike them on the Tuning Fork Activator.
The unweighted ends are straight.

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