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Poison Prescriptions: Power Plant Medicine, Magic & Ritual - The Seed Sistas

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Poison Prescriptions is a stunningly illustrated grimoire of some of the most notorious plants: henbane, datura, belladonna, among others. It is also a practical guide to plant magic, medicine and ritual, offering advice to professional and home herbalists, to those interested in forgotten lore and the old ways, and to all those who wish to reclaim control of their own wellbeing. This book urges the resurrection of the ancient tradition of using these witching herbs in ritual and medicine.

Now is the time to relink magic and medicine in the context of modern herbalism and contemporary witchcraft. Discover:Safe ways of interacting with the witching herbs to usher in wellbeing and healing. Practical activities ranging from meditations and folklore writing to wreath making and beer brewing.

Step-by-step instructions to creating the powerful witches' Flying Ointment and using it in ritual, sex magic and lucid dreaming.

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