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Rannekoru hematiitti/obsidiaani/tiikerinsilmä (joustava)


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Elastic gemstone bracelet with 8 mm beads.
This is a natural product so colour, shape and size may slightly vary and differ from the picture shown.

Hematite has a grounding, protective and harmonising effect. The stone increases self-confidence, self-respect and strengthens survival instinct and willpower. It supports letting go of addictive and compulsive behaviours; also improves concentration and memory. (*)

The qualities of black obsidian are to stimulate personal growth by clearing away obstacles from the past. Like a mirror, it reflects our being, as well as the sides of ourself we do not like so much; thus however, creating the opportunity to deeply transform. A perfect stone for the brave. (*)

Tiger eye is a quartz mixed with iron compounds, which provide the distinctive striped effect. Tiger eye has a strong connection with the sun and solar plexus. The stone is warming, uplifting and 'burns' negative influences. It revitalises and makes you feel more energetic. (*) 


*Mineraaleille ja kristalleille kuvatut voimat eivät perustu tieteelliseen tutkimukseen, eikä kerrottuja asioita tule käyttää lääkinnällisessä mielessä.

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