Kristallikallo Jade n.12,5cm käsinkaiverrettu - Tarotpuoti

Kristallikallo Jade n.12,5cm käsinkaiverrettu

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5" Detailed Crystal Skull, hand carved from genuine semiprecious gemstones. Do your customers seek to understand the power and energies of crystals and the abilities of crystals to improve their lives?...or do they just like beautiful things? Either way this unique sculpture is sure to shine. Each detailed skull is carved from a different crystal specimen. There will be slight differences in color and veining in each sculpture. You can use this crystal skull to both direct your energy and beautify your home. Jade is used for protection, inspiration, motivation and healing. This is a beautiful, versatile and highly sought after stone, and its energies and beauty only seem to become greater with age. Jade offers wisdom and abundance to those willing to work with its energies, and it can open your eyes to the innate duality of life.

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