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Aromafume natural Ajna chakra essential oil blend for aroma diffusion, to balance and revitalise the third eye chakra.
Ajna - sixth chakra fragrance range: Juniper berries, lavender, blue chamomile, carrot seeds, clary sage, rose, star anise, musk, cedarwood, sandal.

Packaging: Glass bottle in cardboard box. Information on label in English, flyer included in Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. 
Made in: India.

Aromafume 7 Chakra essential oils for aroma diffusion
Aromafume 7 Chakra Essential oils are developed to open and balance the main chakras of your body with the aromas of enriched essential oils. The 7 chakra fragrances are carefully selected by a world-renowned Indian chakra specialist. Chakras help to invigorate the body, mind and spirit by channelling ‘prana’, our invisible vital life force that flows through the chakras, keeping them aligned and fluid.

Product specifications
Natural essential oil for aroma diffusion
With IFRA compliant fine aromatic ingredients
Glass bottle of 10 ml

For external use only, do not ingest.
Avoid contact with eyes, if so, flush eyes with water.
Consult a physician prior to use if pregnant or breast feeding or if rash occurs or after contact with eyes.
Keep away from children and pets.
Place away from windows/drafts.
Store in a cool dry place.
Slight fragrance and colour variations exist in natural oils but are tested and approved within acceptable limits.

Aromafume - natural fragrance products
Aromafume is a family company that combines the age-old art of making natural fragrance products with aromas that are suitable for our modern times. India is the cradle of many spices, herbs and resins and has an old tradition of making fragrance products like incenses and perfumes. In addition, India has a rich Ayurvedic tradition where much knowledge is available about the healing effects of all kinds of herbs, flowers and plants. The inter-relationship between the spice trade and Ayurvedic principles resulted in an exchange of knowledge and the development of many beautiful products.

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