Akaatti onnen geodi Cobra jalustalla n.6-7cm (pari) - Tarotpuoti

Akaatti onnen geodi Cobra jalustalla n.6-7cm (pari)


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Surrounded by a protective natural case, inside the agate geode are glittering crystals. With expert hands, the agate druse was sawn in the middle and thus divided into two matching halves. These are often used in Feng Shui as a special partnership symbol.

The set with the lucky geoades pair includes the agate geode pair itself, each about 6 - 7cm in diameter, plus two hand-carved cobra wooden stands and an explanatory card (german language).

Agate geodes have begun their existence as gas bubbles in the resulting volcanic rock. By rapid cooling, the rock is solidified and individual gas bubbles remained as round or teardrop-shaped inclusions in the rock. Over millions of years, minerals dissolved in rocks were then washed into these small cavities. In the case of agate, the mostly almond-shaped geode in the rock was layered with the mineral from outside. This agate geode was found in southern Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Just as each partnership is unique, each lucky agate geode pair is unique.

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