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Alice in Luna's Tarot - Luna Factory (Preloved, käytetty, indie/import)

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The image of Tarot changes with the cute Alice's world view! A set that even beginners can easily and enjoyably start.
Tarot is difficult ... With a gentle tarot guidebook that is perfect for such beginners. Great for getting started.
In a gorgeous fortune-telling space, you can get well every day just by pulling a simple one-sheet fortune-telling (one oracle).

A card with the motif of Lewis Carroll's Alice's world view was born from Luna Factory.

I'm interested in tarot, but the tarot cards I've used so far have a scary image ...

Born from such a voice
The brand is Luna Factory.

Changing the image of tarot cards that are difficult and scary We have satisfied many customers by creating cards that have the image of being gentle and healed.

This time, ALICE IN LUNA'S TAROT expresses the world view of Alice in Wonderland of Lewis Carroll, which everyone knows, in an easy-to-understand, cute and friendly manner with a tarot card with modern and cute illustrations while respecting the tradition of the rider version. is.

Add color to your fortune-telling with tarot cards with gentle and cute illustrations.

Of course, fortune-telling inexperienced people and beginners are okay, and a simple fortune-telling booklet for easy fortune-telling is included.

Get used to the world of tarot while reading the gentle and cute booklet!

In addition, the taste is based on the rider version, so it is the best configuration for beginners to advanced players who like tarot cards.


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