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Aquarian Tarot Deck & Guidebook - Craig Junjulas, David Palladini UUTUUS 3/2024

  • Craig Junjulas
  • David Palladini

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Aquarian Tarot has been in print since 1970 and is widely considered a timeless classic. This updated, retouched and slightly larger edition breathes new life into the art deco artwork by David Palladini, bringing clear facial expressions to each tarot character. The bestselling deck is now presented with the companion book Psychic Tarot, which has been updated and reformatted with full color illustrations. The book creates a bridge between psychic development, healing work and the esoteric wisdom in the tarot. It delves into tarot symbols, energetic patterns, intuition, chakras and auras. The knowledgeable author, Craig Junjulas, blends traditional and modern meanings in both upright and reversed positions, and also explores numerological and astrological correlations with the cards. Includes 78-card deck and 200-page illustrated book.


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