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Astro-Cards - Tanja Brock

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In it I give a good introduction to astrology and explain clearly how to use the astrological charts.

You can use them as oracle cards and use them to interpret situations or answer questions, for magical laying of the moon, as a party game, or you can use them to interpret your own horoscope or astrological constellations. Dive into the magical world of astrology! These fascinating cards will help you to understand your own birth chart and to discover unexpected abilities within you. They will unlock the secrets of the 12 signs of the zodiac, 10 planets, 12 houses, calculation points such as Lilith and the lunar nodes. The Astro-Cards also accompany you through the astrological year; use them for readings on moon phases, zodiac signs, planetary constellations, etc. or on specific life issues


        Postituspäivämme ovat maanantai, keskiviikko ja perjantai. Pakkaamme kyllä muinakin päivinä ja saatat iloisesti yllättyä ylinopeasta toimituksesta. Pyrimme ilmoittamaan jos tilauksesi kanssa on jotain ongelmaa.

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