Autumn Blooms eteeristen öljyjen sekoitus 10 ml - Tarotpuoti

Autumn Blooms eteeristen öljyjen sekoitus 10 ml - Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

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Breathe in the lightly floral and fresh, earthy aroma of a fall garden with our Autumn Blooms Essential Oil Blend. This cooling, herbaceous blend will lighten your senses with its bouquet of sweet flowers, green herbs, and woody notes. Let the sweetness of Orange, Davana, Blue Tansy, and Chamomile oils uplift your senses while it freshens the air around you. Coriander, Cardamom, and Carrot Seed Oils provide a touch of spiciness against the deeper, earthier notes of Cedarwood, Turmeric, and Carnation oils. Enjoy the changing of the seasons with this unique bouquet of complementary scents.

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