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Bicycle Botanica pelikorttipakka

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Bicycle Botanica Playing Cards

Botanica from Bicycle playing cards features a beautifully rich copper foil to accentuate the botanical-themed design with a timeless aesthetic. This unique playing cards takes inspiration from the elegant, natural shapes found in a blossoming garden. This Bicycle deck of cards is must-have for anyone looking for unique, premium playing cards that perform perfectly in your hands, on the table, and as a decorative accent when not in use. Don’t hide these beauties in the kitchen drawer!

The Bicycle Botanica playing cards have 56 poker size playing cards printed on Premium Bicycle® Brand Cardstock, the legendary card stock from Bicycle which provides great performance and durability. Printed with non-toxic, plant-based Inks to limit the environmental impact and ensure consumer safety. These Bicycle cards Botanica are made in the United States, proudly produced in Erlanger, Kentucky by USPCC. The Bicycle Botanica decks are fully recyclable playing cards, all the playing cards in the box are completely recyclable and made from sustainably forested FSC-Certified paper fibers. The Bicycle Botanica deck of cards come with 2 Jokers and 1 double back gaff card + 1 Bicycle ad playing card.

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