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Chakra Kivet Kangaspussissa 7kpl


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1st Chakra - root chakra - red jasper: stability
2nd Chakra - sacral chakra - orange calcite: basic needs for survival
3rd Chakra - solar plexus chakra - yellow jasper: willpower and accomplishment
4th Chakra - heart chakra - green aventurine: love and compassion
5th Chakra - throat chakra - aquamarine: concentration and contentment
6th Chakra - third eye chakra - blue sodalite: insight and imagination
7th Chakra - crown chakra - purple amethyst: wisdom and spirituality

Information: Tumblestones in varying sizes ranging from 3 grams to 11 grams approx.


There are no right or wrong ways to use the chakra crystals and chances are if you feel "guided" to use a certain crystal on a certain point, it is most likely to be the most beneficial point to place it.

Don't forget to regularly charge and cleanse your crystals. Cleansing can be as simple as running the crystal under the cold tap while visualising the negativity being washed away. And a night on your windowsill in the moonlight (full moon is particularly effective) will give your crystal an energy boost. Sunlight works just as well, but some crystals may fade.

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