Classic Symbols: A Guide (Chinese Bound Classics) - Michael Kerrigan

Martin J. Dougherty

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This enticing gift book explores the world of classic symbols and signs, revealing the deep meaning and often quirky history behind each one.

Symbols are all around us—some mysterious, some timeless; some arcane and some prosaic. But what are their origins? What does the infinity symbol really signify? Do you understand yin and yang? And why is the swastika really a good-luck sign? From the ouroboros and the ankh to the menorah, caduceus, and astrological symbols, this book ranges widely across the world's most recognized symbols. With one symbol per page, accompanied by a detailed explanation and history, and printed on high-quality paper with a special binding, Classic Symbols is a unique and attractive book which will appeal to a broad range of readers, both as a gift and as a source for tattoo designs and other creative projects.

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