Cosma/Prisma Visions Tarot alttariliina - James R Eads

James R Eads

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Kaksipuoleinen tarot alttariliina. Toisella puolella Cosma visions kuvitus ja kääntöpuolella Prisma Visions.

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A 22" x 22" double-sided faux suede altar cloth that honors both the Cosma Visions Oracle and the Prisma Visions Tarot. One side is teal fabric with screenprinted gold, representing Cosma Visions, and the other side is navy fabric with screenprinted silver, representing Prisma Visions. Item Specifications: * 22" x 22", double-sided print * Made from faux suede * Sewn around all edges Please note: this altar cloth cannot be washed or otherwise exposed to water. Getting it wet can result in damage to the printed design due to the metallic pigments.

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