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Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Illustrated and Annotated Edition - Nicholas Culpeper, Steven Foster

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A revised and refreshed edition of Culpeper’s classic book on herbal remedies.

“[An] updated and beautifully designed guide . . . ” —

For more than 360 years, Nicholas Culpeper’s historic guide to herbal remedies has been THE definitive book on the subject. Culpeper, an English herbalist, is the author of the bestselling herbal guide of all time. He offered valuable and sometimes unusual advice on using, gathering, and preparing herbs. Now, this beautifully illustrated new edition, edited and with commentary by acclaimed US herbalist and bestselling author Steven Foster, combines the charm and information of Culpeper’s original seventeenth-century text with up-to-date, modern, practical usage. It includes details about where to find each herb, astrology, and medicinal benefits.

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Bestselling author, photographer, consultant, and herbalist Steven Foster has forty years of experience in the herbal field. He started his career at Sabbathday Lake (Maine) Shaker Village Herb Department—America’s oldest herb business, dating to 1799. Foster is the author or coauthor of eighteen books, including the
Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America, 3rd ed. (with James A. Duke). Foster is also senior author of National Geographic’s A Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine (with Rebecca Johnson). An acclaimed photographer, his work appears in countless publications. He is a contributing editor to HerbalGram, the journal of the American Botanical Council in Austin, Texas. He lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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Spectacularly illustrated, this is an annotated edition of Nicholas Culpeper’s bestselling herbal book on using, gathering, and preparing herbs. With new commentary on modern usage by acclaimed US herbalist and bestselling author Steven Foster supplementing Culpeper’s seventeenth-century text, it provides information on where each herb can be found, its astrological correlations, and all of its medicinal benefits.


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