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Enchanted Foraging Deck: 50 Plant Identification Cards to Discover Nature's Magic - Ebony Gheorghe

  • Ebony Gheorghe

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This illustrated plant identification deck gives beginner foragers everything they need to discover the magic of nature's abundance, with 50 common plants and their uses in wildcrafting, ritual, and self-care practices.

- Specifications: This deck includes 50 full-colour illustrated cards (3-3/4 x 5 inches) featuring the scientific names, areas of growth, ideal foraging season, identifiers, harvesting tips, and uses of 50 common plants.

- Infused with enchantment: The scientific information in the deck, as well as the suggestions for wildcrafts, rituals, and self-care practices using the plants, has been adapted from Enchanted Foraging by author Ebony Gheorge

- Keepsake box: The cards are housed in a full-colour printed keepsake box with a flip-top lid, ideal for toting cards on-the-go.

- Excellent gift: A perfect gift or self-purchase for nature-lovers looking to get into foraging.


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