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Essential Oils Affirmation Cards - Maura McDanel

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These specially designed cards were written to compliment the essential oils found within Young Living's Feelings Kit and other emotion related oils. Each card has the name of an oil and is paired with an intentionally written corresponding affirmation to make the most out of each application. At the bottom of each card (18 cards total) there is an oil alternative in case someone doesn't own that specific emotional oil, that way people can participate no matter which oils they currently have

Story from the author, Maura McDanel: "I realized it can be easy for people to overlook the emotional oils because not everyone knows what to do with them. The cards are meant to be a tool to help people integrate these oils into their everyday lives with ease. I put a lot of intentional energy into writing these cards. I spent time smelling each oil, did research on the meaning of each blend, and listened to what come into my mind naturally. It was a fun process and now it fees so good to add a sacred element to my day by applying an emotional oil and saying these affirming words. It's typically before meditating or when I just have 2 minutes of quiet time. Overall this practice has helped me become better at staying connected to myself.


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