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GemWater kristallit "The Espresso"

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Mini gem stick "Espresso" is specially developped to fit in the water reservoir of your espresso machine. In this way, you can purify the water you use for your daily cup of coffee. With rock crystal tips and small pieces of amethyst, to clear your head, concentrate and tune in to your inner wisdom.(*)

Packed in a carton tube, flyer included in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
The gemstones are gemological approved (GKS seal) and where possible, Fairtrade.

How to use
Place the well rinsed glass stick in the water reservoir of your expresso machine, and just leave it there while making your espresso as usual. The cork stopper can get wet, no problem. Should it get porous over time, a replacement cork is included.

Gemstone water
Gemstone water can be used for different purposes. It can be used as bath water, to drink, as mouthwash, in a spray to cleanse rooms, auras or meridians. Hildegard von Bingen came up with many applications for gemstone water. Gemstone water has a positive effect on a bodily, mental and spiritual level. Gemstone water stays in the body for some time and thus works more quickly and intensely than applying a gemstone on the body.


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