Godsfield Companion: Mindfulness: The guide to principles, practices and more Paperback – Patrizia Collard

Patrizia Collard

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The definitive guide to Mindfulness in the indispensable new Mind, Body, Spirit series from the creators of the bestselling Godsfield Bibles

The Godsfield Companions are all-new guides to conscious living that set a new standard in wellness publishing. Fresh, contemporary and authoritative, each book - written by a specialist in their field - provides the growing wellness audience with essential background, revealing insights, valuable context and useful instruction to enable them to understand and expand their personal practice every day.
This companion is a comprehensive guide to mindfulness: its benefits, the science and how to use it to improve your relationships, work and mental health.
Sections include:
  • What is mindfulness and why do we need it?
  • Mindfulness hype - Doubt and scepticism
  • Mindfulness throughout the day - How to be mindful moment by moment
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindfulness for secure relationships - Parents and children, partners - everywhere you meet people
  • Mindfulness for mental health - Anxiety, depression, PTSD and shame
  • Mindful sleep and rest
  • Mindful ageing

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