Godsfield Companion: Yoga: The guide to poses, practices and more – Lucy Lucas

Lucy Lucas

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The Godsfield Companions are all-new guides to conscious living that will set a new standard in wellness publishing. Fresh, contemporary and authoritative, each book - written by a specialist in their field - provides the growing wellness audience with essential background, revealing insights, valuable context and useful instruction to enable them to understand and expand their personal practice every day.

The first in the series Yoga: The Definitive Guide is a comprehensive anthology of yoga, it's history, philosophy and how to incorporate the practice into your everyday.

Sections include:
  • Part 1: What is Yoga? - Including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, hot yoga, Hatha/Iyengar and yin/restorative yoga
  • Part 2: History of Yoga - The ancients to the future
  • Part 3: Philosophy - Including awareness, aversion, discipline, discernment and letting be
  • Part 4: How Yoga Works - From movement (including anatomy, dynamic poses, yin poses and restorative poses); to breath (including prana, the physical body and the nervous system; to energy (including chakras, pranayama and meditation)
  • Part 5: How to live with your Yoga - Including practices for purposes including joy, self-awareness, resilience, relaxation and pain management

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