Holly Simple Tarot (Indie)(Preloved)

Sick Sad Girls

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Uutta kotia etsivä Preloved indiepakka. täysin uudenveroinen.

Deck includes 78 hand illustrated major and minor arcana tarot cards + 1 cheat sheet card + 1 artist trading card! 

Cards are printed on indestructible classic playing card stock which means your deck will stand the test of time while also allowing for ease of card fluidity and trickery.

This deck is comprised of my personal interpretations of the card's meanings, creating new characters and stories (while sticking to traditional symbolism). You will see influence from the trademark Rider Waite deck in some of the Major Arcana cards. However, the classic four suits: cups, wands, swords, and pentacles as well as the Major Arcana cards were recreated in a new light.

I was also inspired to self-publish a corresponding guidebook, turning her original field notes and sketches from months of research into a zine inspired tarot guidebook. These pages are a helpful guide to understanding the background of each card and a glimpse into Holly's inspiration and thought process along the way.

Illustration is a powerful communicator <3

  • 80 cards (78 major and minor arcana cards + 1 cheat sheet + 1 artist trading card
  • Box size is 2.5" by 4.5" : Guidebook size is 5.5" by 8.5'
  • *all illustrations are original to the artist ;)

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