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Huolikivi kuparia


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The metal copper is known for its friendly, harmonizing effect. The stone is therefore loved by shamans and healers. These oval copper stones lie comfortably in your hand and have a beautiful, shiny surface. They are therefore very suitable for meditation and healing. Copper is also able to strengthen and bundle the power of healing minerals.


About the metal copper

Copper is a well-known metal that has many applications. It is used, among other things, for making coins, wiring, jewelry, musical instruments and works of art. Because copper has so many applications, it is in great demand.

Copper was already popular in ancient times. The beautiful shine reminded the Greeks, for example, of the goddess Aphrodite. Even now copper has great spiritual value for connoisseurs.

Some of the major copper producers are Chile, Peru, China, the United States, Australia and Russia.


Copper benefits

Copper is known among spiritual connoisseurs for its connecting power: the metal is said to combine the forces of different minerals, creating a strong foundation for gemstone therapy. In addition, copper would remove blockages that have arisen between people. Copper is therefore very popular among healers and shamans.

Another quality of copper is that it helps you live in the now. Koper supports you in experiencing beauty and harmony. It brings back a bit of playfulness in a time when everything is moving fast.


Oval copper stones; tips

These oval copper stones lie comfortably in your hand. They have a pleasant size and a smooth surface. Use copper to enhance gemstone therapy or to more easily break free from a busy, stressful rhythm. Buyer brings you back to yourself!

You can gently clean your copper stone with vinegar and some salt. Try to avoid water.

The beautiful shine and symbolism of copper make the mineral very suitable as a spiritual gift. Your gift is complete with a nice storage bag.

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