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Illustrated Herbiary: Bewitching Botanicals Collectible Box Set - Maia Toll

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Honestly one of the most beautiful and vibrantly illustrated books I have seen. This gorgeous herbiary features 36 botanicals, with a specific ritual and reflection pertaining to each. Reconnect with your inner flame by channeling Burdock's warming strength. Reflect on saying 'no' with the age-old guidance of Yarrow. Included oracle cards will assist and inspire you on your botanical journey. This book is for anyone who desires to get in-tune with both nature and their deeper self. The collectible box set combines The Illustrated Herbiary, Maia Toll’s best-selling book on the magic and mysticism of plants, with a freestanding deck of 36 large gilt-edged oracle cards and a cloth carrying pouch for keeping botanical wisdom close at hand. For devotees of tarot, witchcraft, mysticism, botanicals, and beautiful art, this special edition makes a truly distinctive gift.


Postituspäivämme ovat maanantai, keskiviikko ja perjantai. Pakkaamme kyllä muinakin päivinä ja saatat iloisesti yllättyä ylinopeasta toimituksesta. Pyrimme ilmoittamaan jos tilauksesi kanssa on jotain ongelmaa.

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