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James Bond Tarot vintage boxed set (Tarot Of Witches) - Fergus Hall (Preloved/käytetty)(OOP, rarities)

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Tästä legendaarinen "James Bond" pakka huokeaan Pre-loved hintaan. Preloved siis tarkoittaa käytettyä, uutta rakastavaa kotia hakevaa.

Meillä on Hankintaosasto laittanut parastaan ja haalinut nyt tällaisen herkkupalan tarjolle. Boksista löytyy opaskirja ja pakka.

In the 1973 movie Live and Let Die (starring Roger Moore), a deck of tarot cards designed by Fergus Hall is used by Bond to seduce the beautiful virgin Solitaire (played by Jane Seymour). After Solitaire predicts 'Death', Bond makes sure that he predicts 'Lovers' by having Solitaire choose a card from a stacked deck of only 'Lovers' cards.

There are many Tarot readers who are not impressed with the design of this deck, calling it everything from 'ugly' to 'ridiculous', but some people do like the quite colorful and surrealistic design. As a James Bond movie prop, though, this deck is a must have for any 007 collector!

At the time of the movie, an original deck of cards was released with a 007 logo on the back of each card, and a special James Bond box.

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