Kapha - Salvia & minttu potpourri huonetuoksu spray 50ml


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Captivating scent that soothes your senses, freshens the air and helps eliminate any bad odour. Ideal for your home, linen, car, room, living space and washroom. Long lasting and concentrated room freshener.

Made with natural essential oils, the soft lingering fragrance of the room spray will gently diffuse into the ambience. Spray a little of this, and let it work its magic. 

This earthy blend of holy sage cleanses the surroundings, while the cooling properties of mint leaves keep you charged and invigorated all day. Fits best to people with kapha dosha.

Product specifications
Ayurveda (Kapha) room freshener 50 ml
Sage and mint - cleansing and recharging
Easy-to-use spray bottle with goldcolour spray pump & cap
Natural essential oils & sugarcane alcohol
Non-toxic and 100% natural 
Free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Characteristics of kapha dosha
Calm, loving and understanding with an impressive built, and well defined features.
They may exhibit tendencies to over-eat, avoid exercise and sleep excessively.

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