White sage suitsukenippu 10 cm 'GOOD VIBES' California USA / 1kpl


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WHITE CALIFORNIA SAGE SMOKE BUNDLE (WHAT AND HOW TO USE) White sage from California is used in many cleansing ceremonies in the ancient Mayan culture, but also in today's Shamans– Wicca– Angelic and Indian culture ** Sage bundles should be submitted over a Paua / Abaloon shell covered in sand, gently blow on the burning sage to cause smoke. When you are done, extinguish the bundle by putting it in the sand. This is also the best way to store it. ** The sage is 100% natural. This bundle has been harvested in an ecological environment in a respectful manner. The plants are not damaged and nothing is wasted. Children should use this bundle under parental supervision.

White sage is ideal for expelling negative energy. Think of places in the house where there are several souls or perhaps souls of people who have passed away from us. Just like us, deceased have carried energy with them and that energy, which can be negative (anger and sadness) or positive, often lingers in a certain place.

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