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White sage & Palo santo suitsukekartio - Native Soul

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Enjoy your backflow burner every time with these jumbo backflow cones from Green Tree. With white sage and palo santo you immediately clean your environment of negative energy. The cones are stylishly packed, in a Green Tree Native Soul packaging. Clean your environment and relax from crowds and stress.

Enjoy the jumbo backflow cones for a longer duration Backflow cones differ from regular incense cones through the center opening. The air in this tunnel remains relatively cool. Cool air always descends, causing the smoke from the backflow cone to flow downwards instead of upwards. This is how the waterfall effect is created. Backflow cones are known to burn out a little faster. With these Green Tree Jumbo backflow cones you have a longer burning time. So you can take the time to create a nice atmosphere in your living

Made in India


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